The Origins of Travel Photography

Ever since the early 1800’s (1826 or 1827 to be exact) the world has been forever changed on one piece of ground breaking technology, the photograph. No longer did people have to relay on artist’s drawings and painting for reference, but finally were able to see exactly what something or some place actually looked like. Flash forward to our modern day times and we are more consumed with images than ever. In this post I’ll take a look back to the origins of travel photography that transformed the world.

The Memory Maker

As I already mentioned, the main breakthrough that photography brought to the word was the ability to capture an exact image. This allowed people all over the world to start capturing their most precious family memories to hold onto for life. This was extra special for people older in age that suffer from memory loss. With the ability to see the real person or place in a photo , they are able to remember, enjoy, and share those memories with future generations. Outside of the printing press, the photo might be one of the most import inventions ever.

How Photos Made The World Smaller

Until the invention of the photo, people learned about other places in the world by the spoken word, books, and drawings. Finally, people who lived on opposite sides of the world were able to see what each other actually looked like and what their countries looked like. As human beings we have A ever growing desire for knowledge and adventure keeping us driven to explore and document everything we can for us to enjoy and for future generations.

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