3 Amazing Places To Photograph…If You Can Afford To Get There

3 Amazing Places To Photograph...If You Can Afford To Get There

We have every run into a friend or family member in a location you didn’t plan on meeting and say “It’s a small world?”. Well thats not really true. The world we live in is gigantic, but people just tend to live and visit the same destinations. In this post I’ll cover some of the best places in the world to photograph this world has to offer…if you can afford to get there.

Seljalandsfoss, Iceland

I know, Iceland might not have been your first pick for a beautiful destination but it is. Seljalandsfoss are the most famous falls in Iceland and hold a fairly high world ranking as well. The glacier water flows down the river before it plunges over the falls to a nearly 200ft drop. The falls often display breathtaking rainbows through the mist in front of the large cave that sits right behind the cave.

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

I know what you are thinking, another cold destination? And the answer is yes. Towering almost 400ft above the icy waters, the Cliffs of Moher. It’s no surprise that the cliffs host 20 different species of birds that can often be seeing diving for fish and nesting in the sides of the steep cliff sides. The grass on the top of the cliffs where you would be is as green as grass can possibly be. The only remaining structure on tip of the cliffs that survived the napoleonic wars is watch tower where more tourists congregate.

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

By far the most famous reef in the world for good reason, the Great Barrier Reef is the largest structure ever discovered that was made of living sea organisms. The reef plays host to so many different types of sea life from sea turtles, dolphins, whales and a huge species of smaller fish. This is on most scuba divers bucket list.

The obvious challenge here is actually getting to all these amazing destinations. No matter what your budget is everyone likes to get deals on travel but it can be difficult to know who to trust. Over the years I have found great advice from Nomadic Matt on how to get the best travel deals.

We all know that this list could go on and on forever. It’s important to remember in the midst of all the pain and suffering in the world that there are still natural wonders that man has not yet destroyed. For more great locations to photograph around the world check out the great video below.

The Origins of Travel Photography

The origins of travel photography

Ever since the early 1800’s (1826 or 1827 to be exact) the world has been forever changed on one piece of ground breaking technology, the photograph. No longer did people have to relay on artist’s drawings and painting for reference, but finally were able to see exactly what something or some place actually looked like. Flash forward to our modern day times and we are more consumed with images than ever. In this post I’ll take a look back to the origins of travel photography that transformed the world.

The Memory Maker

As I already mentioned, the main breakthrough that photography brought to the word was the ability to capture an exact image. This allowed people all over the world to start capturing their most precious family memories to hold onto for life. This was extra special for people older in age that suffer from memory loss. With the ability to see the real person or place in a photo , they are able to remember, enjoy, and share those memories with future generations. Outside of the printing press, the photo might be one of the most import inventions ever.

How Photos Made The World Smaller

Until the invention of the photo, people learned about other places in the world by the spoken word, books, and drawings. Finally, people who lived on opposite sides of the world were able to see what each other actually looked like and what their countries looked like. As human beings we have A ever growing desire for knowledge and adventure keeping us driven to explore and document everything we can for us to enjoy and for future generations.

For a list of 10 Best Photography Museum Collections in the World, check out Expert Photography. Also, the video below gives a great recap of the history of photos and how they have changed the world.