How To Sell Your Photography to Publishers

How To Sell Your Photography to Publishers

Wether you are brand new to photography or a long time lover of the lens, you probably would like to know how to sell some of your photos to replace your job or at least pay for your equipment which can be very expensive. In this post I’d like to share several resources to help you sell your photos to online publishers for different creative projects. This video below highlights a few of the platforms I’ll be covering and will give you a good understanding of how they work.


One of if not the largest stock photography websites on the internet, Shutterstock allows you to display all you photos to a giant audience searching for photos for their projects. They have several different subscription options that determine how much you will make when people purchase your photos so I recommend reviewing their plans to see which plan fits you best.

Fine Art America

This site is similar to Shutterstock but offers the user a big extra benefit by allowing you to sell physical prints of your images in many different forms. Some of their options include framed prints, canvas prints, acrylic prints, metal prints, art prints, posters, even pillows and shower curtains. I know those last 2 probably sounded strange but some people are into that. The biggest plus I see with Fine Art America is they handle all the payment, production, shipping, and customer service that makes things much easier on you.

Selling Your Photos To Book Publishers and Authors

This one might not have crossed your mind before or maybe sounded to complex or intimidating. First let’s cover why is can be a great route to take to sell your photos. For example, when an author is working with a book publisher or ghostwriting service like Carypress they need to be very selective when choosing their photos or illustrations due to copyright and licensing issues. Be prepared for a longer more drawn out process when selling photos for published authors but the reward from the royalties can far surpass that of selling on Shutter Stock or Fine Art America.

In Summary

Whether you choose to sell your images on stock photography sites or work directly with a publisher…just get started. The more you delay the process the less confidence you will have in your work. The only way to get found is to pick a lane and go. Be prepared and willing to face rejection because it will only make you better.