5 Best Places for Shooting Wildlife Photography

5 Best Places for Shooting Wildlife Photography

It’s one thing to photograph a beautiful landscape and it’s a whole other thing to photograph a large animal that is beautiful but extremely dangerous and possibly deadly. If you are like me you love to photograph animals in their natural habitat. In thins post I’d like to pinpoint my personal favorite locations around the world for wildlife photography.


If you ask a random person on the street what they thought the best country was to see wildlife there is a really good chance they would say Africa. We have all grown up hearing that the lion is the king of the jungle, and for good reason. There is no better place on earth to see and photograph lions in the wild than the plains of Africa.


Diversity would be a great word to describe Ecuador. The country has long been known as one of the if not the mega-diversity hotspot. From the remote jungles of the Amazon to the abundance of land and sea wildlife on the Galapagos islands, Ecuador should be towards the top of your list.


This one might be a little surprise, but Mexico is a very big country with a huge wildlife to choose from. Their biggest attraction is probably the Jaguar, which while rare and elusive are quit a sight to behold.

North America

It’s hard to choose which animal species to focus on for North America because it’s just such a huge place. One that stick out is the cougar, also known as the mountain lion. While not as large as their African cousins, these big cats are breathtakingly beautiful.


Cold and rugged is the best way I can describe Alaska and the animals that dwell there. One of the biggest grizzly bears ever killed in history, weighing in at over one thousand pounds and standing nearly 10 feet tall resided there.

Important Things To Know

If you are going to be shooting wildlife photography then safety is always first. The animals mentioned on this list along with many more can be extremely dangerous and if you are not under the guidance of a trained professional guide, you get get into a very bad situation. Remember to keep a safe distance from them and respect their territory.

For some great tips on shooting better wildlife photos check out this great article from B&H. The video below also gives 5 more great locations to see the most amazing wildlife this world has to offer.